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  • Warriors Manga Box Set: Graystripe's Adventure
    by Erin Hunter

    When the two-legs take Graystripe as a pet he meets a kittypet named Millie. When Graystripe tells Millie about the clans, they deside to find Graystripe's home.  

    I love this book and recomend it to people who have read the seconed warrior series.           


  • Garfield Fat Cat Volume 1
    by Jim Davis

    These comic strips are sure to leave you laughing! follow Garfield and Odie on thier funny adventures! this book is for people who:

    like animals, like comics, and are ready to laugh!

    for 1st graders and up!

  • Bone, Vol. 1: Out From Boneville
    by Jeff Smith

    Bone is a cute person who was chased out of Bonevill with his two cousins.They are now in the vally where evil is lurking and the rat creatures are trying to take over. this is a fun book and its best for 2nd grade and up! (my dad really likes it!)

  • The Stonekeeper (Amulet, Book 1)
    by Kazu Kibuishi

    When Emily and her brother Navin move, Emily finds a necklace with an amulet. When the family wakes up to the sound of a thump in the middle of the night they go to the basement to see what it is. they find a door and go through it. They befriend their great-grandfather's robots and try to stop the evil elf king from taking over the wold.

  • +ANIMA (Vol. 1) (v. 1)
    by Natsumi Mukai, Alethea Nibley, Karen S. Alhstrom

    Cooro is a crow +Anima and is trying to find other +Animas. On his journey through Astaria, the world he lives in, he meets Husky, Senri, and Nana who are also +Animas.

    a graet book for ages 13 and up!



  • American Born Chinese
    by Gene Luen Yang

    In this amazing graphic novel, there are three stories about three different people. First, there is the Monkey King. He is the immortal king of Flower Fruit Mountain. Although he is a god, he struggles prove himself to the other deities in the heavens. Second, there is Jin Wang. Jin was born America, but his parents are immigrants from China. He is teased by everyone and has no friends until Wei-Chen comes to school. Last but not least, is Danny. Danny is Popular at school, and has a lot of friends, but that all changes when his Chinese cousin Chin-Kee comes to visit. 

    This is a terrifically amazing graphic novel that I read in sixth grade!