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  • The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1)
    by Rick Riordan

    Carter and his sister, Sadie have never seen each other for more than twice a year since their mothers death six years ago. When the kids go to the Brittish musuem with thier dad, he blows up the Rossetta Stone, realesing Set, the Egyptian god of chaos. Now Carter and Sadie have to stop Set from destroying the world. Narrated by Carter and Sadie, this is an exiting, action packed, and also funny book. For 4th -6th


  • Tiger (The Five Ancestors, Book 1)
    by Jeff Stone

    When thier temple is destroyed by Ying a formor monk, Fu, Seh, Malao, Long, and Hok have to find thier old familys and the secrets of thier past. Will the young monks finally change Yings heart? this was an action packed book with lots of kung fu. I read this book in third grade!!!

  • The Looking Glass Wars
    by Frank Beddor

    When princes Alyss's evil aunt, Red invades the palace and murdurs her parents Alyss is forced to hide in our world. Now red is queen of Wonderland and the only way to stop her is for Alyss to come back. This action packed story is best for 3rd -4th grade!!

  • Lionboy
    by Zizou Corder

    This book fits pefectly! When Charlie was a baby he was scrached by a lepored and after he was able to speak with animals in the cat family. When his parents (who are scientists) are kidnapped by a compny called the Corporacy. Follow Charlie on his quest to find his parents.


  • The Lost Years: Book 1 (Merlin)
    by T. A. Barron

    When Emrys was washed up on a beach five years ago, nothing feels right. He's not even sure "Emrys" is his real name. so he sets of on a jorney to find his name his past and his home. A great book for ages ten and up.


  • Into the Wild (Warriors, Book 1)
    by Erin Hunter

    this an amazing book best for 3rd graders. if you like cats that live in the forest you are bound to like this adventure filled book!!! I loved this sieries and got 2\3rds of my grade to read it!!!  


  • The Roar
    by Emma Clayton

    Mika and Ellie live behind the wall in future London. In the future, half the world is covered with concrete and is hidden behind the wall. when Ellie mysteriously disappears and claimed dead Mika doesn't fall for it, and goes on a journey to save his long lost sister.

    for ages ten and up

  • Leviathan
    by Scott Westerfeld

    In this alternate version of World War IAlek is the prince of an archduke and a commoner; but when his parents are killed, and his country has turned on him, he has to run away in a beaten up stormwalker with a loyal crew until the war is over. 

    meanwhile Deryn, a girl with dreams to join the British Air Service with her brother, dresses up as a boy and flies with in the airship Leviathan. Journey with them as they try stop the war.

    This is a fast paced book for grades 4th-6th!