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  • The Thief Lord
    by Cornelia Funke

    When two brothers, Prosper and Bo run away from thier aunt, to venice, they're taken in by a group of street kids who live in an old movie theater. They call thier leader The Thief Lord, who is the master of thieves. now Prosper and Bo's aunt is afer them and so is a detective that she hired. If they find the group's hideout, The Thief Lord's band is in big trouble.

    an amazing novle! best for 10-12 year olds.


  • Lionboy
    by Zizou Corder

    This book fits my website pefectly! When charlie was a baby he was scrached by a lepored and after he was able to speak with animals in the cat family.  When his parents (who are scientists) are kidnapped by a compny called the Corporacy. Follow Charlie on his quest to find his parents

  • The Lost Years: Book 1 (Merlin)
    by T. A. Barron

    When Emrys was washed up on a beach five years ago, nothing feels right. He's not even sure "Emrys" is his real name. so he sets of on a jorney to find his name his past and his home. A great book for ages ten and up.


  • The Egypt Game
    by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
    When Melanie and April meet each other they don't know what to do with each other. They're so different! But when they find out they both love Ancient Egypt they create the Egypt Game. soon there are six egyptains. 
    And things are getting wierd...
    for 3rd to 6th graders
  • The Girl Who Could Fly
    by Victoria Forester

    Piper McCloud has been able to float ever since she was born. But when she tries to fly off the roof and is taken to a school called I.N.S.A.N.E where kids have special abilities, like X-ray vision and telekinesis. But when Piper realizes something wrong, things get interesting.

    for 5th-7th grade

  • Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I
    by Colin Meloy

    When Prue's baby brother, Mac is taken by a murder of crows, she goes into the impassable wilderness to find her brother. but she find much more than what she came for...

    for ages 10 and up!!!

  • The Neverending Story
    by Michael Ende

    Bastian goes into a book shop and steals a book called The Neverending Story. He reads it in his schools attic. Then things become intresting...

    for ages 10-15!

  • The Night of Wishes
    by Michael Ende

    Beelzebub Prepostorer’s aunt, Tyrannia Vampirellia visits on New Years Eve to make a potion that grants evil wishes. Meanwhile their pets, a raven and a cat, who are spies, try to stop them. A fun book for ages ten and up.

  • The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs
    by Betty G. Birney

    When Eben McAllister reads about the seven wonders of the world, he wants to travel out of the little town he lives in. When Eben asks his father, he tells Eben to find seven wonders of Sassafras Springs, and he can go to Colorado to visit his cousins!

    A fun story for ages 8 and up!

  • The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 1)
    by James Patterson

    Max isn't your ordinary fourteen year old girl. Unless your ordinary girl grew up in a cage at a lab called the School Where scientists did experements on her; and  has wings; and can fly.

    Max is the leader of a group of six winged kids called the flock: Fang, Iggy, Gazzy (the Gasman), Nudge and Angel. But when Angel gets captured by the wolf-human mix called earasers, the Flock has to go find her.

    a great mix of adventure, action and humor, for ages eleven and up!!!! 

  • Shadowfell
    by Juliet Marillier

    Neryn has a gift. She can see creatures called the Good Folk even when they are hidden. but in the dark kingdom she lives in, anyone the evil king thinks is uncanny ends up dead. Her only hope is the mystery shrouded Shadowfell, a group of rebels who want to over throw the king. Will Neryn get there safely? 

    this is a great novel for ages 11-14!

  • The Land That Time Forgot (Commemorative Edition)
    by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Mike Resnick

    Bowen Tyler and his crew find themselves on a mysterious island called Caprona when his ship is sunk by a German U-boat. Caprona's land contains dense forests, prehistoric creatures, and scattered tribes of human beings, who are connected in a spectacular way.

    this book is beautifuly written and very entertaining. For ages thirteen and up.

  • Watership Down A Novel
    by Richard Adams

    Hazel and his brother Fiver are two rabbits who live peacefully in a warren, until Fiver sees their quite hill coverd is blood. the two brothers gather a group of rabbits and set out to find a new home.

    this is one of my favorite books, and i recomend ages twelve and up!

  • Unwind (Unwind Dystology)
    by Neal Shusterman

    In a dystopian future,parents, with kids from the ages of thirteen to eighteen, can choose to have their misbehaving children “unwound”: a process in which the child’s body parts are transplanted onto other people who have missing limbs, broken bones, etc. Conner Lassiter is one of those kids. After he finds out he's being unwound, he runs away and befriends two other unwinds named Risa Ward and Levi Calder, and together the three unwinds try to find safety.

    I loved this series! for ages twelve and up!